Classes Offered – Agility

Agility is a sport designed to demonstrate a dog’s willingness to work with its handler in a variety of situations. It is an athletic event that requires conditioning, concentration, training and teamwork. Dog and handlers negotiate an obstacle course racing against the clock.  Watch the below video to see how much fun agility can be!

We offer the following agility classes:

  • Beginning Agility

    Beginning Agility This class will provide the handler with the techniques and skills needed to introduce their dog to agility. Dogs will be trained to follow the handler’s body language and cues as they learn to work on agility equipment. You will be taught the correct and safe way to navigate the obstacles on an agility course.

    A Pre-registration screening evaluation will be done prior to the start of each session.  

    Recommended ages: 1 year and older

    Prerequisites: Beginning Obedience, reliable sit/stay and recall  (must have had screening evaluation done prior to first class of new session)

    Class size limited

  • Advanced Agility

    Advanced Agility Once you have learned the obstacles you will learn how to sequence a course and how to control your dog on the course to ensure proper entrances and exits of the contact obstacles.

    Class size limited

  • Competitive Agility

    Competitive Agility At this level you will be taught how to plan your strategy to run a successful course, and learn the rules and regulations for agility competition.

    Class size limited