Canine Good Citizen Testing offered September 29, 2013

Red River North Dog Obedience Club, Inc. Invites you to attend the CANINE GOOD CITIZEN TEST® (now an official AKC title !!)* on SUNDAY September 29, 2013

Registration: 12:30 to 1:00 PM
Testing Begins: 1:00 PM

Cost for the test: $10.00/ dog

*Owners have the option of selecting a CGC Certificate Only ($8), or the CGC as an Official Title listed on the dog’s record ($20). This includes a certificate.

Equipment Needed: Buckle, Martingale, or Slip-chain collar. Harnesses permitted. A regular leather or woven 6 foot leash. Your dog’s brush or comb.

Not Allowed: Prong collars, Electronic collars, or Retractable leashes.

Old CGC Dogs! New Title? AKC will “grandfather” dogs who have already earned the CGC award (back to January 2001) if their owners wish to apply for the title ($20). Ask us about applying for your dog!

To reserve a spot please call: (701) 280-0436 or (701) 232-0474